Afdráttar og samsetningar sett fyrir hjólalegur

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This Hub Grappler Kit, similar to OTC 6575 is the complete solution for servicing wheel hubs and bearings on the vehicle without removing the steering components or knuckle.
It can eliminate unnecessary alignments or the use of a shop press, saving you time and energy!!

Specifically designed to apply maximum force with minimal effort from an impact gun to also minimize service time.
The new jaws are designed and sized to properly fit hub applications and can be quickly located on the puller bar without the use of fasteners
The new 3/4″ custom drive screw coupled with the special equalizer washer provides smooth operation while the proprietary heat treating extends its life 5-10 times longer than similar designs

Tie Rod/inner bearing race puller Remover
Use on imported and domestic, front or rear wheel drive vehicle, cast or stamped-steel steering knuckles.

Handles up to 5 tons of knuckle twisting force.
Jaws, once tightened, won’t slip on the knuckle.
Can be used to separate lower ball joints on import FWD vehicles.
Jaws spread to 3 in. and have a 4 in. reach
6575 Hub Grappler Kit
Each component is engraved number on it.
Tools that can form different combinations are suitable for different car models, which our application guide included will be noted clearly.
6 new adapters increases application coverage up to 2009 model year
Easy to save in and carry out with plastic mold suitcase
Includes tie rod/ball joint tool and 2 Ford axle installers.
Total: 52 pieces

Use the wrench to hold the forcing screw nut and turn the forcing screw to press out the hub assembly
1. Remove the snap ring from the outboard side of the knuckle
2.Use a wrench to hold the forcing screw nut and turn the forcing screw to press out the worn bearing
NOTE: The bearing installed must be assembled with the flat side toward the bearing and the small diameter pilot away from the bearing.
1.Lightly lubricate the new bearing, and position it for installation
2.Use the wrench to hold the forcing screw nut and turn the forcing screw to press the bearing into the spindle assembly until it bottoms
3.Install the snap ring in the outboard side of the knuckle.


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