Hitamyndavél ITC629

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Hitamyndavél, hægt að greina útleiðslu í rafkerfi, gangtruflun, hitatap ofl

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Thermal Camera ITC629 for More Details➤ Thermal camera ITC629 comes with the same features as the thermal imagers costing over $1000. It covers 35×26°field of view and -4°F to 842°F test range to capture almost all of the temperatures in the objects or scenes you encounter. And 220×160 Infrared Image Resolution can measure small targets from a great distance (20-50cm), with accurate and sharp qualitative thermal imaging.
Adjustable Emisivity & Color Palette➤ This thermal camera allows you to adjust emissivity and select color palette as you want, to capture accurate and easy-to-understand temperature images. 4 object measurement modes can be adjusted to accurately test Coarse/Semi-matte/Semi-shinning/shining objects. 5 color palettes (Rainbow/Iron Oxide Red/Cold Color/White Heat/Black Heat) are optional for the most comfortable vision.
Ideal for Professionals➤ Our thermal imaging camera is ideal for work in home inspection, firefighting, archaeology, traffic, farming, and electronic manufacturing fields, as well as any fields that require accurate temperature readings. Want a non-instructive visual inspection? Get one ITC629 to convert infrared heat into visible images and analyze problems through the spatial distribution of temperature differences.
Cost-Effective Sensitivity and Accuracy➤ Most thermal camera’s sensitivity is deemed as 0.10°C while ITC629 is built with 0.07°C sensitivity. It ensures you get a more accurate and reliable result when you need to test small temperature differences. Plus, you’ll intuitively see the lowest and the highest temperature, benefited from the automatic hot & cold spot thermal tracking tech
Worry-Free Purchase➤ Keep interacting with us via email, Q&A, Facebook, Twitter, or hotline on our official site. We’ll offer you timely assistance. *NOTE: Generally, you can’t detect the object behind a barrel such as a wall that does not allow infrared rays going through.


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