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Háþrýstimælir fyrir common rail kerfi, virkar með HU35025 alhliðar þrýstimæli
2000 bar þrýstimælir.

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Made in Germany 2000 Bar hoses
Easily & safely test the diesel common rail pressure
Thanks to this set, the mechanic will be able to safely test the diesel common rail pressure, both in line (“in seriewith engine running”) and for direct pump pressure (Cranking the engine)
Unlike simply having the pressure information with the sensor of the car (this sensor may have an issue), our set provides all the hardware (special sensor, plugs, hoses) to perform a very precise and accurate test in association with our digital tester HU35025 (or HU35020). The hoses included in the set will allow to measure and diagnose most usual common rail engine.
Kit includes a 2000bar sensor, a sensor plug for direct pump pressure, 2x M12 x 150 hoses for most common applications and a retrieving reservoir


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