BTmobile lite 12V geyma prófari

kr. 15,000

12 volta rafgeymis prófari fyrir síma, spjaldtölvur
Auðvelt að halda utanum geymaástand bílaflotans þar sem allar prófanir eru vistaðar á auðlesin máta.

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BTMobile Lite is an affordable and lightweight battery analyzer for 12V vehicles. Its intuitive software is ideal for first-time operators! This tool offers a convenient way to perform battery, cranking, and charging tests from one device that can be stored in the glove box. Simply clamp the battery terminal correctly, connect the BTMobile Lite to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and download the app to run all the tests! This is an easy-to-use product ideal for the DIY community while still providing reliable results with OE-level accuracy.


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