The TA466 Two-pole Voltage Detector from Pico Auto

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Sérhæfður voltmælir til að kanna hvort háspenna sé en til staðar þegar unnið er í að rafbílum
Muna að nota réttar hlífðarbúnað og fara eftir leiðbeiningum framleiðandans áður en unnið er í rafbílum.

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Use the Pico TA466 Two-pole Voltage Detector to prove there is no voltage present, and if any is present, determine how much. This test could save your life when properly performed prior to working on a hybrid or electric vehicle High Voltage (HV) systems. Although it does display a voltage, this is does NOT take the place of a DMM or voltage meter. Resolution is to the nearest whole volt, no decimal values.

Safety First!
The Pico TA466 two-pole voltage tester is a safety test tool and must not be used when damaged or with visible wear, verify its condition prior to each test. It is required to be checked by the manufacturer every six years. Refer to OE Service info regarding the shut-down procedures for the vehicle’s high-voltage system. Check your high voltage saftey gloves before powering up the Two-pole tester. Touch the probes together to make sure there is continuity between the test leads. After disconnecting the high voltage battery service plug, you will place the Two-Pole tester across a known good low voltage source such as the vehicles 12V battery to confirm the tester is working. Next you can use the tester to check the high voltage circuits to confirm there is no voltage left on the system or if there is, how much is present. The Two-Pole tester will display volts, polarity across the two test points, and illuminate accordingly depending on if voltage levels are safe to test or not. If voltage is above 36V, an audible tone will sound as an additional warning.

The color screen responds to the voltage measured:
• Black screen = voltage < 3V, no audible alarm and the display will remain dark. • Blue screen = voltages of ≤ 36V AC RMS and ≤ 36V DC, no audible alarm and the display will turn blue. • Red screen = voltage > 36V, an audible alarm will sound and the display will turn red.

Use the Pico TA466 Two-pole Voltage Detector to perform:
• Measurements up to 690 V AC and up to 950 V DC
• Correct operation check (self-test)
• AC or DC voltage verification and measurement
• Polarity check (direct voltage)
• Phase detection (by the unipolar method)
• Phase/neutral check (alternating voltages)
• Phase order check (three-phase system on AC mains)
• Continuity check
Refer to the User Manual for details about each test.

The tester has an audible continuity indicator (< 100 Ω) and includes IP65 safety test probes that are clipped to the underside of the tester.


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