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Timing Gear Holder adjusts and locks onto cam gear (from 10 to 15cm) to prevent rotation when removing and installing mounting bolt (made of fibre glass reinforced nylon and heat treaded forged steel)
Heat treated steel Seal Remove Tool with hooks to be inserted into seal then puller is applied to easily remove old seal
Fibre glass reinforced nylon Seal Install Tools that accommodates seal sizes from 1,9 to 6,3cm diameter
Reminder : Advantages of fibre glass nylon over alloy : Light weight, high strength, won’t bend if droppedThe most complete kit on the market : contains all tools required to complete timing belt service including seal replacement
Kit contents:
Dual Cam Gear Lock (see features above : AB71615)
Single Cam Gear Lock x 4 (see features above : AB71615)
Timing Gear Holder
Oil Seal Remove Tools
Oil Seal Install Tools


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