Topdon TC005 Hitamyndavél

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The TC005 is a handheld thermal camera that measures an expansive

More and more automotive technicians have found that thermal imaging cameras are very useful diagnostic tool. A good thermal camera can help them to find the problematic parts or leaking areas faster.
Applications in automotive repairs, maintenance and diagnostics:
Hot spots in electrical circuits
Battery and connections; parasitic drain
HVAC systems, leaking problems
Relays, switches and sensors
Tires and brakes
Power train parts
Gearbox and transmission systems
Exhaust and tail gas systems

temperature range. From -20°C to 550°C (-4°F to +1022°F), and offers a 12-hour runtime. The high-resolution 256*192 pixel infrared camera allows you to say goodbye to blurry images. The tool is ready for analysis with the standalone and the PC modes, enabling users to project and upload images from the TC to their PC. Added benefits of the TC005 include seven options for Pseudo-Color Display, a 2-megapixel visible light camera for overlapping images, and a picture-in-picture mode.

High Resolution & Thermal Sensitivity
The TC005 features a high-resolution thermal camera with a resolution of 256×192.This allows users to capture more details and say goodbye to blurry images.
A high thermal sensitivity of 0.05℃ allows the TC005 to distinguish between tiny temperature differences.

Three Measurement Modes & Auto-Detection
The TC005 has three different measurements to detect center, hot and cold spots.
The automatic detection feature allows users view temperature differences more visually.

Wide FOV
The TC005 also features a wide 56° FOV to easily capture more objects in view. There is also no need to adjust focal length.

Wide Measurement Range & Accuracy
The TC005 features a wide temperature measurement range of -20℃ – +550℃. It can also measure temperatures with ±2℃ accuracy for precise temperature measurements.
NETD of this high-precision infrared sensor is less than 40mK, measurement accuracy is 0.1 degree, and error is less than 2%. This is to ensure the upmost accurate thermal readings.

PC Image Analysis and Instant Projection
Professional analysis software allows users to easily save and share diagnostic data on a PC. The TC005 also supports screen projection on a PC as well.

One-Day Runtime
A powerful integrated battery allows the TC005 to have a 12-hour runtime.


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