Ampertöng PicoBNC+ 60A AC/DC

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TA473 töng státar af ótrúlegri upplausn og nákvæmni með minni hávaða sem tryggir betri mælingar í öllum forritum.

Notkun bensín- og dísilsprautunar
Aðgerðir inngjöf mótor
EGR stýrisprófun
Broadband 02 skynjaraprófun (í tengslum við núverandi margfaldara)
Mikið straumnotkunarpróf allt að 60 Amp (mótor læsingarpróf)
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PicoBNC+ 60A AC/DC current clamp
The TA473 current clamp is ideal for use with PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes for measuring currents between 10 mA and 60 A. This enables the PicoScope to display current waveforms for fuel injectors and fuel pumps.

The TA473 has a specification superior to both the TA018 and TA234 bringing improved performance and diagnostic accuracy to the workshop. In common with the TA388, it is fitted with a PicoBNC+ interface. The clamp can be auto-configured by PicoScope software when it is connected to the scope. Ranging is carried out automatically with no user switching required. The clamp is powered via the scope and therefore does not require any batteries. Additionally, the clamp is auto-zeroed whenever it is connected to the scope.

In use, there is no need to break into the circuit or disturb the isolation as the opening jaws simply clamp around the current-carrying conductor. No electrical contact is required.

These current clamps have been designed for use with PicoScope oscilloscopes and feature additional screening to reduce noise pickup. The Pico TA473 current clamp can either be purchased as an accessory within one of our popular diagnostic kits or individually but requires a PicoScope featuring the PicoBNC+ such as the 4225A or 4425A.

Attribute Published specification
Model PicoBNC+ current clamp: 60 A AC/DC
Combined length of lead and probe 2.85 m
Jaw size 12 mm diameter
Weight 320g
Working current range ±60 DC or AC peak
Overload current 100 A DC (for one minute)
Maximum voltage 150 V
Hardware bandwidth 20 kHz
Temperature coefficient ±0.15% of reading / °C
Hardware Resolution ± 1 mA with Resolution Enhancement
± 10 mA no enhancement
Accuracy 2% + 10mA (1% from Scope)
Operating Temperature range 0 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature range –20 °C to +85 °C
Operating humidity 15% to 85% (non-condensing)
Bandwidth Frequency range DC to 20 kHz (–1 dB)
Calibration / zero offset requirements On startup


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