Spannhitari 2000W

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2000W Spannhitatæki.

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1.Heating fast: heating rate is less than 1 second, and heating speed can be adjusted and controlled.

2.Applicable wide: metal workpiece can be heated. Making induction rings based on the shape of the workpiece.

3.Electricity consumption: heat efficiency of more than 95%, so compared with other heating methods (such as gas, oxygen, acetylene, coking coal, electric furnace, high frequency tube, etc.) all save energy.

4.The effect is good: the surface of the workpiece is uniformly heated, and the temperature is fast, which reduces the deformation degree of the oxide layer and workpiece on the workpiece surface.

5.The efficiency is high: the equipment has the function of automatic setting, and the operation can be completed by one person, thus less process and efficiency.

6.Less land occupation: small size, light weight, less space occupied by half cubic, easy to move and move.

7.Easy to operate: the whole machine does not need to be debugged, installation and operation are very convenient, and it can be learned in 5 minutes.

8.Good environmental protection: no noise, pollution and open fire.

9.Output current is isolation to input current. It is more reliable device.No over current problem.

10.Patented PFC power source, wide voltage range:
110V machine Vin range: 85-135V,
220V machine Vin range: 185-250V.

11.Small body, light weight 4. 4KG, good efficiency: 10A breaker available, 110V workable, no need industrial type breaker.

12.Patented heating torch, can be used for glass/stickers/screw/nutDescribe the details of the selling point above, attracting and providing trust to your potential users.


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