Viðgerðarsett fyrir plasthluti í bílum ofl

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Viðgerðarsett fyrir plast íhluti
li-ion battery
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All you need for plastic repair !

• Everything you need for automotive plastic repair in one kit
• contents include: hot staple tip, plastic welding tip (max
temp 500°C),plastic welding tipwith welding rod guide, 12
plastic welding rods 150mm (ABS,PP,PE,PS), 3pc stainless
steel wire mesh (50 x 100mm) & flat alloy steel staples
(50pcs 0.8mm & 50pc 0.6mm).
• Complete plastic repair kit with rechargeable Li-ion battery
• No cable.very mobile with a high runtime.
• Its heating speed makes work easier: no need to heat the
iron 10-15 minutes before starting work.Here it heats up in
10-15 SECONDS to melt plastic and in one seconde for stapling


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