Raftengi taska

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Complete lead kit for Automotive diagnostics.
Content almost all connection leads for connecting to sensors, valves, connectors, injectors …
All leads are arranged properly in pairs “Male & Female” and by terminal sizes
Includes ATC adapter Mini and Maxi fuses and ATC Current loop to be used with an Amp Clamp
Includes Piercing Extra Sharp Probes . This innovative design gives enough retention force to pierce through the wire’s insulator
New variable resistor of with 10KΩ (instead of 5KΩ ) dial indicator. Quick and easy way of resistance adjustment without the help of a multi-meter during simulation of resistance related sensing devices
Airbags simulator : Used to confirm SRS Airbag power input by connecting it first to check for any short circuit before installing new SRS
Replaceable resistors! 3 of 2 ohms – 2,2 ohms – 2,7ohms
LED Stroboscope: For checking series of terminals for correct wiring. Also for pulse or signal comparison between injectors. LED turns redfor reverse polarity. LED turns green for correct polarity
Also includes general purpose componentsAlligator clips, Banana plug to be used with multimeters, 3 ways extension plugs and detachable test probes
Ultra thin lead for multipins connector


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